Mission Cobra

Mission Cobra

Strategy in the world of espionage


  • Some animation
  • Endless gameplay


  • No story
  • Generic characters and activities
  • No female avatar!
  • Too much waiting

Not bad
Mission Cobra is an online strategy game, based on the world of espionage. You can be a spy for any of the most famous spy organizations in the world, like the KGB and MI6.

Presented with a variety of still images, and a few animated sections, Mission Cobra is a game where you have to wait. everything you do requires experience, which is gained (very) gradually. Try anything dangerous, and you'll lose, because this game is based solely on numbers - if your numbers aren't high enough, you have to improve them before you achieve your aim.

Whether driving across a city, or having a Martini, you have to wait to complete the task. This means Mission Cobra needs a lot of patience to play - it's suitable for playing in the background to another task, but it's so rigid and lacking in fun that it's difficult to see why you would want to.

The sound is pretty dull too, although you can turn it off. Mission Cobra seems designed only for passing the time, and doing so in the least interactive way possible. There is no emotion, the activities are all completely generic and there is no narrative reason for doing anything except to increase your statistics.

Unless you're interested in trying to become the spy with the highest stats, there is little reason to play Mission Cobra. No story, poor graphics and lots and lots of arbitrary waiting is all it has to offer.

Mission Cobra


Mission Cobra

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